Reassessment Update from Moon Township Property Tax Collector Catherine Tress

2012-2013 Comparable Property Assesment Values

The Allegheny County Property Tax 2013 Millage Rate is:
4.73 mills or $.473 per $100.00 valuation

John Weinstein is the Allegheny County treasurer and is responsible for collecting all Allegheny County taxes.

Allegheny County Homestead Exemption for 2013 in $18.000
Moon Township Homestead Exemption remains at $15,000

For all other 2013 payment periods, check with the county treasurer, John Weinstein - 412-350-4100

The county property tax due date can be found at this link:

For any Moon Township or Moon Area School District property tax questions, please don’t hesitate to contact my office at 412-299-7446

Information for the Allegheny County Reassesment appeal process:

Typically, there is no appeal period in a year in which a reassessment takes effect.  In the County’s case, that would be this year.  Because of all of the confusion and problems related to the reassessment, the County Executive submitted legislation to Council to open an appeal period this year.  That legislation was passed and the appeal period opened last month. 

Property owners who did not appeal their assessment or who did not get the result they had hoped for, have the opportunity to appeal again.  These are appeals of the current values and decisions would affect this year’s tax bills.  Taxes will have to be paid on the current values, but a refund will be issued if the value decreases. As the reassessment has taken effect, there is no informal process, only a formal appeal.

On the County’s website is a fill-in form that can be completed, printed, signed and returned.  It can be found at:  You can also print that form out for people to complete by hand.  Forms can also be obtained by contacting the Office of Property Assessments at 412-350-4600.  The forms must be postmarked, or hand-delivered, by the close of business on April 1, 2013.  Property owners should also keep a copy of the form for their own records.

If a person has appealed to the Board of Viewers, there are several scenarios: